National Honor Society of Dance Arts

What is NHSDA?

NHSDA Vision

We envision a nation in which all students have equal opportunity and access to quality dance arts education and are recognized for their outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in the field of dance.


  1. To recognize outstanding artistic merit, leadership and academic achievement in students studying dance in public and private schools in K-12 education, dance studios, cultural/community centers, performing arts organizations and post-secondary education.
  2. To foster an appreciation for dance as a true art form and one worthy of recognition and prestige.

NHSDA Secondary Program Goals

  1. To identify honor students of junior and senior high school age for nomination to theNDEO Artistic Merit, Leadership and Academic Achievement Award, one of the highest honors programs for dance in the United States.
  2. To promote a desire for life-long learning in the field of dance.
  3. To encourage an understanding of and an appreciation for dance as an art form and to develop knowledgeable audiences for tomorrow.

NHSDA Collegiate Program Goals:

  1. To encourage exploration of dance education pedagogy, choreography, performance, research, community outreach, and advocacy in the context of a broad dance program.
  2. To stimulate dialogue and networking between students, faculty, and experts in the field.
  3. To promote the use of standards in dance education curriculum and teaching methods.
  4. To develop future leaders in the field of dance arts education and performance.

How do you become a chapter?

NHSDA Secondary Programs via NDEO

NHSDA Collegiate Program via NDEO

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